Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Let's cut right to the chase - no boxes of chocolates and/or red roses for the big V-day. Who decided to put orange creme in a perfectly good chocolate?? And those flowers had better be pink, sir.

This revelation got me thinking about some other alternatives for the "classic" (overdone) gifts exchanged on February 14th.

DIY Heart Box // If you're going to go the card route, let's put a little effort into it. Loving this homemade card box that you can fill with your Valentine's favorite sweets, or maybe jewelry. Some undies? Just sayin.

Dinner at Home // Save some "dough" and create a "heartfelt" dinner right from your own kitchen! (See what I did there?) Find out how to make them here.

Pretty Robe // I don't buy red lingerie for our shop, would you like to know why? Because it reminds me of cheap Valentine's Day lingerie. There, I said it. Go the classy route and get something that won't get shoved to the back of the skivvies drawer for a year.

Sweets // Give me a standard gummy bear and I'll raise you a champagne infused boozy bear.

Vase // What does one do with long stem roses, anyway? I don't imagine they would fit in a standard vase, which would require you to cut them, which in turn would remove their precious long stems. WTF is the point of all that? 

Wine // Don't mess with a good thing.