Master Bathroom Reveal

master bath update

It’s time to show our master bathroom update the love it deserves. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

When we moved into this place in 2010, the previous owners had made a few updates. The bathrooms were not one of them. Check out these pics from the day we popped a bottle of bubbly and started moving in…

master bathroom renovation

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t kind of like the old light fixture. I love old things. But the carpet? I will never, ever understand the decision to put carpet in a bathroom. But at least it wasn’t under the toilet.

master bathroom renovation

That shower door was nasty. It caught water on the bottom and then spilled it all over the floor whenever you opened it. Byyyyeeeee.

master bathroom renovation

Still pretty jazzed about that laundry chute. And the storage. Ohhhh I could right an entire post about all of the storage this house has I don’t like to brag and the pics wouldn’t be very pretty.

The truth is, we started this transformation a very long time ago and took. our. time. It’s so easy to feel down about all the projects you want to do to make your home “insta worthy”, but it is important to remind yourself that the big shiny renovations take time for people who don’t have 100 thousand insta followers and get paid to talk about their tile choices. With that being said, I’d looooove nothing more to get paid to talk about tile. Pullman Building Supply - holler at your girl.

Here’s how we got from point A to point B, in nine years:

2010: DIY’d some new curtains, replaced light fixture above mirror

2011: replaced the mirror, painted the cabinet

2013: slapped some paint samples up on the wall, stared at them for 6 years

2016: replaced a towel bar, removed multitude of other towel bars, installed a hook rack, replaced fan/light fixture

2018: replaced sink basin, applied concrete finish over counter top, tiled the backsplash

2019: painted walls/cabinets, tiled the floor, removed old shower and tiled it in, replaced shower head and hardware, installed board and batten hook wall

Slow and steady probably won’t make you insta-famous, but it might keep you out of debt. Priorities.

I wanted the new space to feel clean, cozy, and feminine. Here’s what we ended up with.

white and pink bathroom
concrete countertop bathroom
bathroom storage shelf
white subway tile bathroom
herringbone tile bathroom floor
white master bathroom
small bathroom ideas

sources // cost breakdown:

subway tile // $54

sink basin // $60

floor tile // $120

grout // $76

cement counter finish // $24

cement counter sealer // $26

sink faucet // $69

sink drain // $14

shower hardware // $109

shower pan // $117

cement board // $40

drain kit // $123

mirror // $99

shower curtain // $18

wall hooks // from our Etsy shop

board & batten + trim // $60

fan/light fixture (similar) // $155

paint // $60 (Alabaster White on all walls, Black Heron on vanity, both by Sherwin Williams)

art // $7

frame // $15

bath mat (similar) // $20

vanity shelves // hand me down

light fixture (similar) // $120

curtain rod // $24

curtain clips // $8

plumber work // $300 (moved vent pipe, installed/rerouted faucet and drain pipe in shower)

Nate did the rest of the handiwork himself which I’m sure would have cost us an arm and a leg. He learned what he knows from asking friends with more experience, trial and error, and of course YouTube.