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Sutton's Nursery Reveal

It’s possible that Sutton’s room is my favorite in the house because it stays the cleanest (because she’s not actually sleeping in it yet, haha) but also because when I was decorating it, I didn’t think too hard about it. Everything that’s in it was either already there, or is something that I just genuinely loved. It’s easy to get caught up in trends or what’s showing up on social media, but I think the best results come from what’s in your heart. Thank you to my sweet friend Ileia McCall for these beautiful images!

boho nursery
boho nursery
boho nursery
boho nursery
boho nursery
boho nursery

Sources - a lot of the decor in this room was thrifted, made, or found, but here are the things that were not:

laundry basket

neutral macrame

blue macrame



floral throw

basket with macrame

Bohemian Nursery Ideas

boho nursery ideas // Kay & Edna

Another day another girl's room! And you know what that means... more floral prints ;) I want the baby's room to coordinate with the new big girl room, but not necessarily match. Here's what I've come up with.

boho nursery ideas // Kay & Edna

pinspiration // We're keeping the walls a clean, slightly warm white (exact color TBD) to let all of the pretty colors and textures from all of the many blankets I've accumulated be the star. Seriously, how do they keep making prettier blankets from one baby to the next? And more importantly, how does one say no to them? #youdont

basket // Planning to incorporate lots of natural textures with those cozy blankets.

quilt // I've been eyeing this lovely piece for a few months now, but the international shipping prices were giving me the scaries. Clearly not enough to stop me from adding it to the cart. YOLO.

crib // My one area of financial responsibility in this room - each of our girls has used the same crib. Hand me downs for the win.

wall hanging // Obsessed with the blush tones in this pretty weaving. I'm also considering this one, the rainbow detail is so sweet.

chandelier // I think my heart skipped a beat when I set eyes on this beauty. $200 is a little more than I'd like to spend so I might try a DIY version. Making 100's of tassels should pass the time while we wait for baby girl, right?

mirror // I found a mirror at Goodwill for a cool $5 but I have this one in white in my bathroom and I love all of the texture it brings to a room.

bigfoot stuffy // I mean a tiny baby snuggling a big foot? I don't think it gets cuter than that.

garland // When in doubt, put a garland on it.

rug // The rug that started it all. I bought this first before I had an idea of what I was going to do in this room because it was love at first sight. It isn't quite as pink in person (scroll down to see my shot of it) which actually makes me like it even more.

rocker // Admittedly, this is not the comfiest looking rocker. But hot damn it's cute. 

art // When your friend unearths a roll of old castle blue prints from the depths of another friend's storage space, you jump on that sh*t and claim one for yourself before she can think twice about it. Here are some more options if you aren't lucky enough to someone who just happens to have some laying around.

blanket // I don't see myself getting sick of this shibori trend anytime soon.

boho nursery ideas // Kay & Edna
boho nursery ideas // Kay & Edna