graphic tee outfit ideas

3 New Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas

Ahhhh. The post that required 387 selfies. This is not my comfort zone, friends. But here we are.

I love a good t-shirt. I especially love a good t-shirt when I can keep the whole outfit comfy while feeling pulled together. Here are a few ideas to keep you feeling fresh, cozy, and styled in something other than your fave pair of black leggings, but no legging judgement here. #stretchywaistbandsforeverandeveramen

1 // t-shirt over a fitted dress - Dress down an otherwise “fancier” dress by adding a tee and some sneakers. As your Cosmopolitan mag once claimed, you can take this outfit from day to night in a flash - just take off the tee! Have you ever had to take a look from day to night? Yeah no, me neither.

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2 // t-shirt under a jumpsuit or slip dress - Another fun way to keep it casual. Love this option for when the weather starts to turn and you need another layer to keep your patio drink nights feeling comfy cozy.

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3 // t-shirt over a jumpsuit - Already wore your fave onesie this week? Throw a tee over it and no one will be the wiser.

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