mothers day gift guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Brace yourselves… Mother’s Day is coming.

Here’s the thing about Mother’s Day - it’s always disappointing. Don’t argue with me on this. Yes, it’s cute when you’re kiddo’s wake you up with a handmade card (kidding, it’s never cute when you’re woken up for any reason), but does the day ever really play out the way you’ve dreamt up it will? I can’t say that mine ever has, but do you know what? It’s my own fault. Because I always feel guilty about asking for what I want. How ridiculous is that?!

This year, I’m flipping the script. I’m planning a dinner with my girlfriends the night before so I get some good friend time in too. And I’m definitely not going to the baseball game my husband has to work at that always falls on Mother’s Day for some God forsaken reason, because I always end up bitter that that’s how I’ve spent “my” day. I’m going to spend the day doing what I want, without apologizing for it.

I’m also going to layout a very specific list of things that I wouldn’t hate to unwrap that morning. Because there is nothing more rage inducing than receiving a last minute gift that came from the big box store down the road, and then pretending like you’re super stoked about it. I told you, no apologies. Let’s have the day we deserve!

Below you’ll find a list of helpful hints, written out specifically for your baby daddy/significant other. Don’t be afraid to send it straight to their inbox or print it out and lay it on their pillow as a “gentle” suggestion. I even including some good “pairing” ideas if they’re looking to earn some extra credit points.

mother’s day gift guide

mom tee // helloooooo self promotion! Yes, I sell this is in my shop. And if she was a 90’s kid she will totally appreciate it. #stop #collaborateandlisten Pairs well with a gift certificate so she can complete the outfit

sun hat // The gift that says “I totally care about your sun protection but also recognize that you’re a cool mom”. Pairs well with a good beach read

sandals // If she’s anything like me, she walks by alllll the new sandals at Old Navy and thinks to herself, man, those are cute, but I just bought some last week/month/year (unless they’re 40% off, then they’re definitely going home with me). Remove the guilt and just get her the sandals. Pairs well with a gift certificate for a pedicure

lounge chair // If there’s anything at the very tippy top of her wish list this year, it’s probably time alone, in the sun, with a drink in her hand… Pairs well with a babysitter and a margarita

tote organizer // Ha! This is a trick suggestion! Do not get your sweet woman ANYTHING that is meant to organize/declutter/clean up her life because (unless she specifically asked for it) this will insinuate that you believe she needs to be more organized/clutter free/clean and trust me when I say, she already knows that. This is not the day for that. However, this is an impressive tote organizer so I’m keeping it here for reference. But don’t buy it for her for Mother’s Day. Please.

beach towel // A towel? For Mother’s Day? Yes, because she’s probably super over grabbing whatever Disney themed cover up is left at the bottom of the linen closet. Pairs well with a cute beach tote

to-go wine cups // Self explanatory. Pairs well with wine. Duh.

picture frame // I can almost guarantee there is nothing more precious to your wife/girlfriend/baby mama than a sweet picture of her with her kiddos, but how often do we actually get around to printing them, let alone framing them? Scroll through that camera roll and find one the kids look cute in, but she looks even cuter. Don’t have one? Consider this a gentle nudge to start encouraging your lady to get in pics with your kids. Also pairs well with wine.

drinks with friends // A night out with girlfriends? Yes, please. Pairs well with insisting that her night out with friends happen at least an hour away so they have to get a hotel room, thus a night of uninterrupted sleep.

mommy & me jewelry // Twinning with your babes is trés adorable, and if it’s something she’ll want to wear for the long haul, even better. Pairs well with handmade cards from each kiddo.

coffee table book // Maybe this is just me, but I will always get excited about a new coffee table book. Plus, they’re super thoughtful! Does she love decorating/rearranging the furniture? Get a home decor book! Is baking her jam? A cook book then. Pairs well with an amazing smelling candle. So cozy.