wine cart

Anatomy of a Bar Cart

how to style a bar cart

We love a well styled bar cart for lots of reasons, but mostly because they make your home look party ready 24/7. Here’s our step by step guide on how to style a bar cart to keep your home feeling like party central.

Step 1 // The Cart

There are so many styles of bar carts anymore, you’re bound to find one that fits your style and budget. We used a thrifted find for the shoot, but we’ve linked some other faves from around the interwebs below.

how to style a bar cart - step 1

Step 2 // Art

If your cart is set up against a wall or window, then you have a great opportunity to add some height to your display. Our vintage mirror collection overfloweth so naturally one of our faves found its home here.

how to style a bar cart - step 2

Step 3 // Trays

The trick to making any vignette feel put together is by adding layers. Bringing in trays is an easy way to do that while introducing a new texture or two. A metal bar cart can feel a little sterile, but add a woven tray? Hubba, hubba. Comfy cozy.

how to style a bar cart - step 3

Step 4 // Barware & Accessories

This is where we take it to the next level, kids. Grandma’s crystal decanter that’s been collecting dust? Boom, she has a home. Pro-tip: books are a cheap and easy filler, and if you turn them around so the pages are showing, the color of their spine won’t mess with whatever color scheme you have going on. Here are some more of our favorite accessory ideas:

  • vase w/ flowers

  • stack of bowls

  • basket

  • books

  • coasters

  • bottle opener

  • martini shaker

  • decanter

  • pitchers

  • tea towel

  • cocktail napkins

how to style a bar cart - step 5

Step 6 // Details

Almost there! Time to fill’er in. Fresh fruit is a cute addition and fun to change out with the seasons, maybe pears in the winter? Herbs in the spring? Go cray. Also I’m quite positive I’m not the only 30-something that still chooses a new wine by it’s cute label, so go ahead and put those cuties on display too.

how to style a bar cart - step 6